Deep Fake Detector

Deep fake treats to truth but we are ready to provide end-to-end solution to analyze and detect deep fake videos with our automated deep learning platform

WearMask neural network

WearMask neural model is the core of any face mask detection solution. Our investment against world-wide fight with respiratory diseases is to provide high-quality real-time model for free for non-profit organizations

WearMask App

Adjust your device position to capture the people traffic in your location, run WearMask application and start to enforce face masks usage policy.

WearMask Pro

WearMask Pro application uses device front/rear camera, and applies powerful AI Object Recognition algorithm to the scene to detect people not wearing a facial mask and alert them to do so via visual and audio warnings.

AdGaze Pro

AdGaze Pro converts your mobile phone to powerful AI-driven camera that can track and analyze the audience of your visual Ads. Just place the phone near you Ads poster or screen and start to collect data about Ads audience

Dot Go App

A platform develop for Hyperinteractive and Serviceplan that helps the visually impaired navigate the world, find objects, and automate actions.

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