WearMask neural network

Product Description

WearMask model is specially designed to enforce PPE usage control in reliable, not affected by human errors, impersonal way. Created with respect to modern industry standards it's easy to be integrated and scaled up as Service

Free for non-commercial 

L2labs, LLC is proud to release WearMask neural network recognition model free of charge for non-commercial organisations   to   help   more efficient enforcement of social distancing and healthy practices in the new reality.

Main Technology

WearMask model was trained on a large dataset of diverse samples in various scenarios and use cases. It detects presence of facial personal protective equipment on a human head. List of PPE supported by WearMask includes facial   masks (both hand made and surgical), respirators (N95, FFP, FFP2) and others means to cover mouth and nosal areas.

Model videos

We publish examples of model results in various scenarious: indoor/outdoor, day/night time. Checkout our YouTube channel to see it model in action. 

Source code

Model source code is available on GitHub. Please, read License carefully 

Commercial usage

For non-commercial organization the model could be provide as Service. Please, contact us admin@l2-labs.com for more info

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