Personal protective equipment detection

PPE, horse riding, motorbiking and cycling, are primary examples of when a securely fitting helmet is absolutely necessary. Our model accurately detects various kinds of helmets from multiple angles and distances.

Deep Fake Detection

Deep fake treats to truth but we are ready to provide end-to-end solution to analyze and detect deep fake videos with our automated deep learning platform

Medical image processing

Deep learning is powerful tool to simplify many routine tasks even in such complex domain as medicine. Our tool supports various medical models to help with medical  every day duties

Eye Tracking

Trained on real eye-tracker data this model analyses any visual source and detects eye-attractive parts

Semantic Segmentation

GAN-based model that makes semantic segmentation in automotive task with comparable to the State-Of-The-Art models performance

Brands Recognition

Based on deeplabv3+ the model recognizes brand masks on the visual source and can be used to calculate brand statistics in social media

Traffic analysis

Visitor traffic analysis is the way to optimize your business and boost conversions by finding attractive, popular and abandoned zones in any physical location. Using YOLO under the hood makes possible to perform real-time processing

Face ID recognition

Implemented end-to-end solution for person identification using different models to detect, track, recognize and perform feature-embedding

AI in Agriculture

AI-powered solutions are everywhere! We develop the model to track and count livestock population

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