Your Better Choice

As an information technology company we harness deep learning as our core expertise. Our experience in large sale enterprise platform development including both mobile and cloud solutions serves us as a backbone. We provide unique solutions for artificial intelligence applications and big data analysis.

Your Better Team

Our founders are computer vision and machine learning experts with experience in information technologies. Each real world problem brought by our clients, brings us a challenge to be completed with passion and excellence. We gather best talents around the world to outperform business goal and customer expectations.

Your Better AI

Use data to drive business operations and enhance customer experience. Transform state-of-the-art computer vision, image recognition and machine learning algorithms into powerful building blocks ready for production use. Improve digital experience and practical possibilities of applying AI into endless real world problems. Deploy large scale data processing powered by AI into mobile, cloud and enterprise solutions.

WearMask model

L2labs, LLC is proud to release WearMask neural network recognition model free of charge for non-commercial organisations to help more efficient enforcement of social distancing and healthy practices in the new reality. Checkout our YouTube channel to see WearMask model in action. Source code is available on GitHub. Read more...

What we do

Personal protective equipment detection

PPE, horse riding, motorbiking and cycling, are primary examples of when a securely fitting helmet is absolutely necessary. Our model accurately detects various kinds of helmets from multiple angles and distances.

Deep Fake Detection

Deep fake treats to truth but we are ready to provide end-to-end solution to analyze and detect deep fake videos with our automated deep learning platform

Medical image processing

Deep learning is powerful tool to simplify many routine tasks even in such complex domain as medicine. Our tool supports various medical models to help with medical  every day duties


Deep Fake Detector

Deep fake treats to truth but we are ready to provide end-to-end solution to analyze and detect deep fake videos with our automated deep learning platform

WearMask neural network

WearMask neural model is the core of any face mask detection solution. Our investment against world-wide fight with respiratory diseases is to provide high-quality real-time model for free for non-profit organizations

WearMask App

Adjust your device position to capture the people traffic in your location, run WearMask application and start to enforce face masks usage policy.


Check out the technologies we’re using. We believe that solutions are found through coffee and technology, so we’re always looking for ways to bring them together.

We provide AI solutions to clients across multiple industry verticals including automotive, finance, retail, and more. Leveraging over 5 years of experience in developing custom machine learning solutions, we work together with clients to solve key business problems using cutting-edge Deep Learning technology.

About Us

We are a team of dreamers and doers united by a simple idea: If we make a difference for your customers we will make a difference for your business too. And it works.Since 2018, we have led early-stage startups and top-tier brands to "wow" their customers with best-in-class digital products and experiences.

Our Values

Clients First

We listen, support and communicate. Our top priority is exceeding our clients’ goals and we’ll adapt our approach to do that.


We work honestly and openly, explaining our processes in a way clients understand and ensuring they always have the full picture.

Above and Beyond

We understand the depth of our clients’ goals and so proactively explore new ways to meet them and creatively solve problems.

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